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If the "what's new" is a new comment buried deep in the weeds, it seems that a lot of clickity-clacking and checking of dates is required to find it.

...and, apparently, it's easy to screw it up and miss something, at least for me.

Sometimes, the "what's new" turns out to be nothing... a new name and date pushes the item to the top, but nothing new at all is found after searching through the weeds.'s gotta be easier than that, what am I missing?

(at this point, it would be fair to extoll the virtues of the old NNTP forums where the client software made new comments impossible to miss, with nary a false positive)

asked 27 Jul '12, 11:06

Breck%20Carter's gravatar image

Breck Carter
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Coming back from holidays, I surely make the same experience when trying to find out what has been added...

Well, that may be a not to worthy comment in itself:)

(05 Aug '12, 15:37) Volker Barth

I'm afraid I don't have a good answer for you. The OSQA software basically marks a posting as having changed whenever anything happens to it, and the main page sorts by "most recently changed". But "changed" includes any comment posted, edited, or deleted, so if someone deletes their comment, the thing that changed is gone so unless you happen to have seen the comment before it was deleted and notice that it's now gone, it's not always possible to know what caused the "change".

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answered 27 Jul '12, 11:15

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Graeme Perrow
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Would the RSS "Answers and Comments" feed provide a clue?

The following are innocent questions, NOT suggestions or value judgements: Have there been any enhancements to the base OSQA code, and if so, are you applying them here?

(27 Jul '12, 14:04) Breck Carter

Another innocent question: It's probably all moot, isn't it, once everything is SAP-istrated SAP-ified?

(27 Jul '12, 14:06) Breck Carter

Do you mean have we made any enhancements, or have the OSQA people made enhancements? We have made a few, such as MySybase logon and threaded comments. I don't know about the OSQA people; we upgraded the forum to use version 0.9 (Fantasy Island) Beta 3 in April 2011, and according to their download page, that's still the latest version. I don't know if that means that development has stalled or stopped altogether, or if the next release will have major changes.

The "Answers and Comments" feed would give you a chronological list of the answers and comments added, but AFAIK it would not contain answers or comments that were edited, and I'm sure it wouldn't contain any kind of notification that answers or comments were deleted.

(27 Jul '12, 14:15) Graeme Perrow
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I meant "OSQA people" and I've got my answers, thanks! ( mutter mutter grumble grumble :)

(27 Jul '12, 14:24) Breck Carter
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