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None of my workstations can connect to an Adaptive Server Anywhere V9 database. The application connects to the database when executed off the server. All workstations give me an error as follows:

ODBC Connection failed: Database Server not found

asked 26 Jul '12, 15:35

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We'll need some more information before we can help you. What is the connection string being used by the client application? What is the start line you use when starting the server?

(26 Jul '12, 16:12) Graeme Perrow

Quicklist of things to check:

  • is the server really running
  • is the server using the server name you have specified in ODBC (or more general everything configured well?)
  • are server and clients using tcp/ip
  • any firewall blocking the access on the server or client
  • is the server reachable from the client (try using ping)
  • is the server in a different network, then most often the broadcast packets by SQLA will not go through
  • any network switch in between which is blocking broadcasts
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answered 27 Jul '12, 03:22

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and maybe check it's running using dbsrv9.exe and not dbeng9.exe.

(27 Jul '12, 03:41) Daz Liquid

Something that can quickly help narrow down which of the possible problems Martin and Daz mention apply to your situation is to turn on the odbc driver's logging facility:

alt text

This gives detailed information - if the problem isn't then obvious, do post the results here to see if anyone can help further.

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answered 27 Jul '12, 05:35

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Justin Willey
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Assuming your server is up and running check your connection string includes "Links=tcpip(Host=servername);" if the database server resides on a different subnet to the client.

I think the provider will normally discover the IP address of a database server on the same subnet but won't be able to on a different subnet.

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answered 27 Jul '12, 07:57

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An entire website devoted to connection strings! ...that just made my day ...I will never again feel that I am being too focussed or too specialized :)

(27 Jul '12, 09:43) Breck Carter
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