Any plan to implement it?

asked 23 Jul '12, 10:56

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Breck Carter

have you tried it, for me it seems to be independent of the underlying DB system. Maybe the created commands don't work, but you still have the possibility to adjust the generated code manually

(24 Jul '12, 06:14) Martin
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Wow, just had a look at EF 4.3 Code-Based Migrations Walkthrough... if I used that for the schema and data upgrade process for the Foxhound embedded database, I'd still be coding in the year 2025, and if it ever ran successfully for anything other than ALTER TABLE ADD column or CREATE INDEX, the first run against a multi-gigabyte customer database would take days.

...but hey, I hate frameworks, so what do I know? :)

(24 Jul '12, 07:48) Breck Carter

Of course I tried. The fact is that SA provider doesn't implement it. See error: "No MigrationSqlGenerator found for provider 'iAnywhere.Data.SQLAnywhere'. Use the SetSqlGenerator method in the target migrations configuration class to register additional SQL generators."

(24 Jul '12, 08:05) Zote

ok, this means if SAP Sybase is not going to implement it you can at least try it yourself.

(24 Jul '12, 09:19) Martin

I agree mostly the frameworks only work great for the simple examples

(24 Jul '12, 09:20) Martin

Sounds like it would be an enhancement... try posting a "Product Suggestion:" question, with reasons why you think it should be implemented. A success story about someone who actually used it with MSS to implement a non-trivial migration would help a lot. The competition for new features is intense, with a LOT of cool stuff waiting for resources.

(24 Jul '12, 10:14) Breck Carter
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