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SAP Augments Embedded Database for Cloud Deployments

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) Experience Unmatched Security, Flexibility and Manageability With SAP® Sybase® SQL Anywhere®, On-Demand Edition

WALLDORF, Germany, July 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced the general availability of the on-demand edition of SAP® Sybase® SQL Anywhere® solutions, a component of the SAP real-time data platform. For independent software vendors (ISVs) adding cloud capabilities to their product portfolio, SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition, is a data management solution that enables ISVs to build, deploy and manage cloud applications as demanded by their application and customers without having to compromise. The new product allows users to take advantage of the cloud's economies of scale while providing them with the tools they require to help ensure they can still treat each of their customers individually.

"Making an application available in the cloud is no simple matter. ISVs that are not already doing so need to think now about how they design their applications to make them suitable for deployment on cloud platforms," said Matt Aslett, research management, data management and analytics, 451 Research. "The approach of SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition, enables ISVs to provide a multi-tenant database environment to end-users, with the associated privacy and security, but which can be managed by the ISV as a single database environment."

With an isolated multi-tenancy architecture that removes co-mingling of data and provides the flexibility to host applications in private, public or hybrid environments, SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition, enables ISVs to comply with regulatory, state and international legal obligations.

Built on mature and proven database technology, the on-demand edition also offers the ability to easily manage thousands of customer databases through a single integrated console to provide superior customer service. The release of the on-demand edition enables application vendors to use SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere to deploy on-premise, on-device and on-demand applications that are all based on the same data management technology that reduces costs and simplifies development, support and maintenance.

"At Fincore, we offer a cloud based client portal for financial advisors and investment managers. The solution provides their clients unique personalisation and the peace of mind clients get from having their own secure portfolio and financial planning data vault separate from other clients with high-grade security that meets or exceeds best practice standards for client data in the financial services industry," said, Marcelle von Wendland, vice president, Fincore. "To meet these exacting requirements we turned to SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition. It was the only database platform that met all our requirements out of the box. We will be migrating our existing application, currently using virtual private databases, to SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition."

Other key features in SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition, include:

  • Full relational database capabilities for SaaS applications

  • Ability to easily move tenants to load balance or isolate them with minimal disruption

  • Atomic tenant databases that allow for per-tenant customization

  • Declarative database fencing to facilitate compliance with data regulations

  • Provision to run multiple versions of software in the same cloud

  • Flexible task model, allowing administrative functions to run against one or many tenants

  • Scalability by the number of tenants

  • ISV-focused tooling providing operational insight into the data cloud

"SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere are powerful solutions for building high-performance applications in remote and mobile environments, simplifying application development, easing administration and enabling database-driven applications to be deployed anywhere," said Irfan Khan, senior vice president, Database & Technology, SAP. "With the availability of the on-demand edition, SAP extends the reach of the SAP real-time data platform and the capabilities of SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere to uniquely meet the needs of ISVs for cloud application data management that is extremely flexible, cost effective, easily managed and highly secure."

SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, on-demand edition, is available for Windows and Linux platforms. To learn more, visit

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