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I am sending this on behalf of an ISUG member in Mexico. He is considering upgrading from SQL Anywhere to ASE and is looking for some guidelines for the process.

He is concerned about the usual migration issues: creating the database objects (DDL) and loading the data. I have worked with SQL Anywhere but do not remember if it has a tool to extract the data to flat files and then use BCP to load it into ASE.

Also, I don't believe that SQL Anywhere uses T-SQL. It must use ANSI SQL, so that means that many of his queries should probably be rewritten.

Any hints and tips will be greatly appreciated. Migration guide?

asked 16 Jul '12, 14:14

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Graeme Perrow

Tip: Don't mark anything "community wiki"... it has no purpose, EXCEPT to prevent you from gaining any reputation points... and you need points to do simple things like upload files... gotta love those unintended consequences :)

(16 Jul '12, 15:24) Breck Carter
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Just to correct: SQL Anywhere does support two SQL dialects:

  • Watcom SQL (close to ANSI SQL) and
  • T-SQL (close to ASE and MS SQL).

So in case one uses the T-SQL dialect, there is a chance that procedures and triggers (and application code) might be fitting for ASE to a certain degree, too.

(17 Jul '12, 03:21) Volker Barth

@Graeme: If you were to disable the community wiki feature altogether, you wouldn't get any objection from me :)

(17 Jul '12, 08:07) Breck Carter

This rant: Comparing SQL Anywhere With ASE

...leads to this 71-page migration guide: Migrating SQL Anywhere database applications to ASE

permanent link

answered 16 Jul '12, 15:21

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Breck Carter
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Wow! 71 pages! How about Migrating ASE to SQL Anywhere? I bet that it would only have 5 pages.

(17 Jul '12, 00:13) cirxesoul
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Well, although Breck's great "Technical Document list" shows several "Migrating DBMS X to SQL Anywhere" articles, ASE is not among X - for whatever obvious reason:)

(17 Jul '12, 03:33) Volker Barth
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