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On 19 Oct 2010 07:08:11 -0700, David Kerber  wrote:

>Do people here consider SQLA 12 to be ready for production use?  I'm 
>migrating from 9.0.2, and am trying to decide between 11.0.1 and 12.0.

Hi Dave,

I would say that depends heavily on how long it takes you to migrate.

With us, it took us 2-3 months to migrate and test from 9.0.2. to 11.0.0 and 
11.0.1 came out so ended up testing against that and came across a few 
issues with Oracle support and then it was only ready several weeks after 

But then, we use Ultralite and Mobilink and DBMLSync as well as SQL 

I haven't seen the mass discussion on the boards with SQL12 that I have seen 
with SQLA11 so it might imply that fewer are migrating at the moment. 
Having said that, it may be that everything is working as expected such that 
there is no discussion required and that the new features help only a small 
few in the customer base at present.




im my experience most products with a .0 and the end of the version 
number have more catches or pitfalls than their successors with higher 
numbers. Ever since some big trouble we had with a large 6.0 customer we 
stayed away from 9.0.0 and 11.0.0 for production use and ran happily 
with 7.0.3/4, 9.0.1/2 and 11.0.1 (skipping 8 and 10 nearly totally).

We can't migrate all our customers to a new version simultaneously, so 
we're not able to use features supplied by the latest version in our 
software anyway. That allows for a "lazy" upgrade cycle.

We encourage new customers to buy SA 12, but install SA11. The licence 
policy covers that: if the product is purchased using SPDC to download 
licence and files, they may create and download licences for previous 
(active) versions. Thus they are able upgrade to SA 12 anytime whithout 
further expenses, when our product is finally tested with SA12.

As a different trend:

We're about to migrate a SQL Remote setup from 8.0.3 to SA 12.0.0 and 
have not had any showstopper so far. We had tested with SA 11.0.1, too 
(and several 12 betas), but SA 12 seems o.k. so far.

But it's too early to claim success, I guess I can tell more before the 
year has passed:)


asked 26 Oct '10, 10:25

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Breck Carter
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I want to want to want to want to want to (that's 5 want tos, the maximum possible score) migrate Foxhound from to 12, but every time I try I run into some splat! or another that scares me off.

So far they have all turned out to NOT be showstoppers (like the V12 engine crashing on shutdown after Sybase Central 12 incorrectly refuses to do database profiling of a V11 database file... yeah, pretty obscure).

But... I am easily frightened.

Heck, I am so easily frightened I won't move off build 2276 (a Golden Build if you ask me :)

Breck Says There You Have My Answer

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answered 26 Oct '10, 10:26

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Breck Carter
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(28 Oct '10, 07:45) Volker Barth
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