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Yes, I know it comes with the EBF, but that doesn't exactly help with Google searches, now does it?

FWIW I am sticking with build 3298 for a while, so I don't have sqlremote1201.pdf to upload or I would :)

asked 11 Jul '12, 18:05

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Breck Carter
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AFAIK, the SQL Remote chapter in the DCX doc set for 12.0.1 is identical in contents to the named PDF documentation. Among others, it includes the three tutorials how to setup a HTTP system. As such, the information seems to be available online:)

(But I would like someone from the Doc team to verify this, and furthermore I don't know if I'm allowed to share official doc material, so I'm not posting the PDF file...)

In contrast, the 12.0.1 online help (even for does not include the new topics for the HTTP(s) message system. So the local help really requires the additional PDF file for a complete documentation set.

permanent link

answered 12 Jul '12, 03:50

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Volker Barth
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"AFAIK, the SQL Remote chapter in the DCX doc set for 12.0.1 is identical in contents to the named PDF" ...OK, then, if that's the case there's no need for it to be posted separately since DCX is searchable (and better than one giant blob of a pdf).

(12 Jul '12, 05:18) Breck Carter
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