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Sybase Wins Cisco's Annual Supplier Appreciation Award for Software Excellence

September 30, 2010 - presented during its annual Supplier Appreciation Conference, this is the first year Cisco recognized software suppliers in addition to several categories for hardware suppliers. Cisco currently embeds SQL Anywhere in nearly 20 products, and cited Sybase iAnywhere's efforts to ensure Cisco's success with the technology. During the presentation, Cisco praised Sybase iAnywhere's unique approach, and the technical and relationship support provided by the Sybase team.

- for more on why you won't read announcements like this anywhere else on the interweb, see

asked 22 Oct '10, 10:16

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Breck Carter
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"stealth-marketing" - Is the copyright hold by iAnywhere:)

(22 Oct '10, 19:40) Volker Barth

@Volker: No, but this doc does have some surprises (like SQLJ):

(23 Oct '10, 06:56) Breck Carter

Breck, Thanks for seeing this in the Sybase Partner Newsletter, and mentioning it on SQLA. We were/still are trying to issue a press release about this great news. However, if you think it's challenging to get a press release created within one company, just try to do one with two! THAT is why the news isn't on the web yet. I know.....its a lame excuse, but there you go. :-)

I was there, and had the pleasure of receiving the award from Cisco's Senior Vice President, Customer Value Chain Management.

permanent link

answered 22 Oct '10, 21:13

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Chris Kleisath
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@Chris: Yes, I have similar problems in my company, I need to get so many approvals ( one ) and have so many meetings ( none :)

(23 Oct '10, 06:51) Breck Carter

@Chris: I would really like to get such reports from other wellknown companies that use SQL Anywhere in their products (and possibly do so without particularly pointing out that usage) - it would make the product iself better known, and that is a resonable goal IMHO.

(25 Oct '10, 19:21) Volker Barth
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