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asked 24 Jun '12, 07:15

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Breck Carter
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ahhh... the "undesired" link is from the HTML Help file.

This may be a symptom of a deeper issue involving redirection... or not... who knows? <g>

(25 Jun '12, 11:53) Breck Carter

I don't know - but I'd suggest to add an according comment on the DCX page itelf - isn't that was it's made for:)

(26 Jun '12, 03:43) Volker Barth

...maybe so, but so was THIS forum, and with THIS forum I don't have to go through a signon screen every time I want to post something (except yesterday, when I zapped the cookie, then had to scramble to find my steenking OpenId password... wow, THERE'S an idea that went nowhere fast, one common location for the hackers of the world to concentrate their efforts :)

(26 Jun '12, 06:45) Breck Carter
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