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I have to import excel file in sybase database table. I have googled this, but i can't import file on the table.

Please anyone can help me. You can reply me on following email id:-

asked 15 Jun '12, 03:31

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Graeme Perrow

Hello, I am try to import excel file by manually from "Import Wizard", but when i import excel file, it gave an error :- "Could not import E:test.xls. The file may be in an unsupported format, or it could be corrupt."

Please give me a solution ASP.

Thanks, Munish

(18 Jun '12, 06:12) munish

What SA version are you using? A direct import from Excel files is not possible with SA11 and higher.

If you export the content of the XLS file as a text file (CSV), the import wizard should handle that.

Alternativeley take a look at Volker's response (FAQ).

(18 Jun '12, 06:35) Reimer Pods
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I am using SA 10 .So in SA10 ,is there any possibility of importing excel file to sybase database table?

Thanks, Munish

(18 Jun '12, 06:57) munish
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"A direct import from Excel files is not possible with SA11 and higher."

...say what? please explain.

Oh, you mean dbisql - Data - Import...

(18 Jun '12, 08:47) Breck Carter

Thanks for adding the details ...

(18 Jun '12, 10:20) Reimer Pods

You may have a look at that FAQ for an "programmable solution".

For a manual import, you might choose the "Import Wizard" in Interactive SQL.

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answered 15 Jun '12, 03:41

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Volker Barth
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i want to import a text file in an existing table how can i import it using this import tab in sybase as it is giving an error of having primary key as my records in text file have records with same primary key value with different data in other records can anyone help me ?? as soon as possible

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answered 29 Sep '14, 09:03

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Import you stuff in a temporary table and create a procedure/script that takes care of your duplicate primary key problem. You can not expect from a import engine to solve this for you.


(02 Oct '14, 06:19) Thomas Dueme...

@anonymous: Please post a new question as a question, not an answer to an existing question... use the "ask a question" button.

(02 Oct '14, 08:03) Breck Carter
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