Is it possible to recover an unforgotten encryption key for adaptiver server anywhere 8.0 file. Please somebody give suggestion. Its most urgent - Srinivas

asked 11 Jun '12, 08:52

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Mark Culp

I have created the file around 3 years back and forgot the encryption key. Due to widnows is corrupted, I have formatted the system without noting down the encryption key. So please help me if there is any method to recover it

(11 Jun '12, 09:02) Srinivas
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Sorry, but as Mark said, there is no way to recover an encryption key if it is lost. The only way would be brute force - keep guessing at the key until you get it right.

(11 Jun '12, 09:05) Graeme Perrow

Do you have a backup of your Windows system? If so then perhaps you could recover the necessary file(s) from the backup.

Note: I presume from your comment that you had the encryption key stored somewhere on your Windows system. Note that doing so defeats the purpose of using a strong encryption key on the database file (unless you had somehow protected the file that stored the encryption key?).

(11 Jun '12, 09:07) Mark Culp
(11 Jun '12, 10:25) Breck Carter

There is no known method to recover a database file if you do not know the encryption key... that is after all the purpose of using strong encryption - to stop people from being able to access the data.

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answered 11 Jun '12, 08:55

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Mark Culp
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