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I installed SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 Build 3726 yesterday.

First I installed only the 64-bit tools, but I need to use the 32-bit because of the ODBC and the fact that our software is only 32-bit. After adding the 32-bit tools, I get the following error when starting Sybase Central 12 og Interactive SQL 12 (32-bit versions):

"The Java virtual machine DLL was not found at: java.exebinserverjvm.dll. The JRE_DIRECTORY key in the INI file should specify a directory where it exists."

The 64-bit version works fine.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

asked 05 Jun '12, 03:14

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Bjarne Anker
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Could you please clarify whether you had Sybase Central, dbisql working with a previous 12.0.1 EBF on this 64-bit box?

Could it be that you have bitness issues with the JRE?

(05 Jun '12, 12:04) Derli Marcochi

Which operating system is this on?

Could you explain a little bit more about how you "added the 32-bit tools"? Did you start from a full 12.0.1 GA SQL Anywhere Install? Did you re-run the original installer, use Add/Remove Features? Did you re-run the EBF installer afterwards?

Can you check to see if the following file exists in your deployed install?


Does this file show up if you re-install after restarting the operating system, closing any relevant processes (including any running 'scjview' or 'dbisql' processes in the background), and re-running the GA and EBF install?

(05 Jun '12, 12:13) Jeff Albion

It looks like I've installed the 32-bit tools after the EBF. So I just uninstalled SA12 completely, and installed everything in the correct order. Works just fine now.


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answered 06 Jun '12, 02:21

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Bjarne Anker
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