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We are running a stored procedure in Sybase ASE 15.5. It is taking a long time to execute (about 1 hr), however this issue is randomly reproduced i.e some times it runs within few minutes.

Please find the output of sp_monitor captured on that spid ehen it was occuring.

1> sp_monitor "event","133"
2> go
 WaitTime Description                                        
 -------- -------------------------------------------------- 
   216900 waiting for incoming network data                  
    86000 waiting on run queue after yield                   
     1200 wait for i/o to finish after writing last log page 
      600 waiting for last i/o on MASS to complete

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Mark Culp

This forum is dedicated to SQL Anywhere aka SQLA. So your chances are better in an ASE specific forum. See Community Forums Search

(01 Jun '12, 07:36) Reimer Pods
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...or confine this forum's FAQ...

(01 Jun '12, 07:37) Volker Barth

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