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The DCX link from this 11.0.1 Help page is 404ing...

SQL Anywhere 11 - Changes and Upgrading » What's new in version 10.0.0 » MobiLink » New features » MobiLink server

...and so are all the others I've tried.

It looks like Wally someone redesigned the website without regard to the existence of fixed external links to it.

So, this fixed, unchanging, impossible-to-edit existing link from the 11.0.1 HTML Help...

no longer finds this wonderful new elegantly-redesigned target location in the DCX website...


asked 21 May '12, 17:03

Breck%20Carter's gravatar image

Breck Carter
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edited 22 May '12, 09:57's not Wally's fault! :)

(22 May '12, 10:04) Breck Carter

I'm glad you still feel free to link to the Dilbert strip - Wally won't relocate that link, either;)

(22 May '12, 10:33) Volker Barth

This is fixed. The old redirections were accidentally dropped. That is, we did not intend to remove them, but a script failed to complete, removing them and failing to add them back in. Thank you for reporting it.

permanent link

answered 22 May '12, 16:33

Steven%20McDowell's gravatar image

Steven McDowell
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Thanks for giving Breck another opportunity to rant present another Dilbert strip:)

(22 May '12, 16:39) Volker Barth

Steven and I are both bilingual; he speaks English and Polite, and I speak English and Rant.

"Thank you for reporting it" is, of course, written in the original Polite... when translated to Rant it becomes "[redacted]" :)

(23 May '12, 08:30) Breck Carter
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