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The Techwave archives do not show any ASA or SQL Anywhere-related entries in the Sybase TechWave 2001 - Conference Presentations or the TechWave 2004 - Conference Presentations, and only one entry in the TechWave 2003 - Conference Proceedings:

MBS902 Using Dynamic SQL With the UltraLite Component Suite

However, the TechWave 2002 - Conference Proceedings do show quite a few presentations:

M402 - Using Adaptive Server Anywhere in a C# and .Net World

M403 - Sales Point Integrated, Automatized and Centralized using Mobilink Between ASA and ORACLE

M405 - Upgrading Your SQL Anywhere Applications

M406 - Developing Cross-Platform Applications for Handhelds

M408 - Expanding An Existing PowerBuilder Application to a Mobile Workforce - A Case Study

M409 - Backup and Recovery of SQL Anywhere.Tips and Techniques

M411 - Enterprise Mobile in 10 Minutes

M413 - MobiLink Best Design Practices

M414 - SQL Remote Tips & Techniques

M415 - Using Adaptive Server Anywhere and UltraLite with Visual Basic

M416 - Diagnostic and Debugging Tools in SQL Anywhere Studio

M420 - Enabling Your Corporte Email Wirelessly

M421 - Mobile Data Security

M422 - Java Technology for the Mobile Enterprise

M424 - Preparing for the Adaptive Server Anywhere Developer Certification Exam

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Techwave 2001

It seems the article doesn't list them, but if you navigate through the folder hierarchy, you can find them:

EM401 Overview of MobiLink Synchronization
EM402 Advanced MobiLink Tips and Techniques EM403 MobiLink Design Best Practices
EM404 New MobiLink Technology
EM405 Engineering Overview of UltraLite Database Technology EM406 Mobile Data Security
EM407 Sound Application Development with SQL Anywhere
EM408 Backup and Recovery of SQL Anywhere -- Tips & Techniques
EM409 SQL Anywhere 8.0 New Feature Overview EM410 Upgrading Your SQL Anywhere Studio Applications
EM411 Adaptive Server Anywhere Deployment - Tips and Techniques EM412 Using Adaptive Server Anywhere with Visual Basic
EM413 Using ASA's Remote Data Acess Feature EM414 SQL Remote Tips & Techniques
EM415 Custom Extraction Techniques
EM416 Choosing the Correct Data Movement Technology EM417 Setting up a SQL Remote System for Performance
EM418 SQL Remote for ASA Internals
EM419 MobiLink Advanced Scalability and Reliability EM420 The Golf Application Architecture EM421 Mobile Bank Solution
EM423 iAnywhere Solutions m-Business Platform Overview
EM424 Building Smart Client Wireless Applications
EM425 Building Wireless Web Applications (thin client)
EM426 m-Business Studio Technical Overview
EM428 Deploying Wireless Applications with the Wireless Gateway EM429 Voice XML: Voice-Enabled m-Business Applications
EM431 ASA and the new SQLJ standards

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This evidently does not work for the other years...trying alternate methods.

(20 May '12, 19:07) Calvin Allen
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Thank you! (as I grit my teeth, knowing that Google won't index these articles until they are stored in unzipped format)

Curious, files like exist and are indexed in Google, but attempts to view result in a password request.

Yeah, I know I didn't ask about Techwave 2000... :)

(20 May '12, 20:28) Breck Carter
(20 May '12, 20:40) Breck Carter
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