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We have been playing around with a sync app to run on the Android and iPhone. Currently we are just trying to synchronize a simple table. Everything is working on the Android but we are getting a -1092 error on the iPhone which says something about "Feauture no enabled ...."

Does anyone know what could cause this? We are using version 12 and we are going off the iPhone tutorial. Everything has worked fine up until the point we tried to add the synchronization. As I stated above, the application synchs fine with the Android app that was developed in UltraJ.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

asked 18 May '12, 11:25

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Assuming that you have not deviated from the functionality used in the tutorial, have you missed this call in your code prior to calling the synchronize call?


See starting at the section "Adding synchronization to the iPhone application".

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answered 18 May '12, 11:37

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Chris Keating
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Thanks Chris,

We figured it out. We had an old DB residing on the iPhone. After we deleted the DB and tried again, it took off without a problem. Thanks!!!!

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answered 18 May '12, 12:18

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