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If we experience beta issues with the site, what is the appropriate forum in which to post/discuss them?

asked 20 Nov '09, 20:23

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Mark Culp

I guess it depends on how everyone feels about it, but maybe just using a "beta" tag or a "meta" tag could work, too.

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answered 20 Nov '09, 20:34

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+1 nice question!

I think should have an "question" as community wiki for that here.

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answered 20 Nov '09, 20:29

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Just post the question here.

If you are familiar with StackOverflow, please understand that SQLA is not operated like StackOverflow... not as many rules, not as many nannies telling you what you can't do.

Tagging your question "beta" sounds like a good idea. "meta" too, I guess.

BUT... I strongly recommend that no questions be marked "community wiki"... I believe it is very important for all users, especially new users, to quickly gain enough "reputation points" to be able to effectively use this site. See this FAQ post.

Believe me, if bad things start happening, let's just say "this site is moderated" :)

ALSO: If you think your question is about the software used to run SQLA feel free to ask it on Here, there, both places, doesn't matter. But, if you get treated rudely over there, come back and ask it here.

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answered 21 Nov '09, 07:44

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Breck Carter
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