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Hi. We are planning to upgrade one of our customers that is now using sqla 9 with one of our products. They want to be able to identify all workstations in their organization which are setup as sqla clients. They have the ability to scan all workstations for a specific file. Is there a file name that I could give them, to use in a search of all workstations in their organization, which would positively identify a workstation as a sqla (7,8 or 9) client? Thanks.

asked 23 Apr '12, 15:34

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Calvin correctly lists the files to search for if the client application was built using ODBC on Windows. If the client application was an ESQL app then you will need to search for dblibN.dll (N=7, 8, or 9). A list of other client files used by other APIs (.Net, etc) can be found in the deployment section of the documentation - see - the version 7, 8, and 9 files are similarly named as those for v12.

Alternately you could look for the language DLL - dblgXXN.dll where XX is the two character language specifier (e.g. EN, DE, JA, ZH, etc) and N is 7, 8, or 9.

If you are searching Unix boxes as well then prepend 'lib' to all of the above and change .dll to .so and/or .so.1 and/or .a or .dylib depending on the Unix platform.

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answered 23 Apr '12, 16:19

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Mark Culp
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dbodbc7.dll, dbodbc8.dll, or dbodbc9.dll?

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answered 23 Apr '12, 15:35

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