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For timestamp based syncronization Mobilink suggests last_modified as the timestamp column. Is it possible to default this to LastModified to adapt the MobiLink setup to our existing naming convention? I know I can change it manually but it would be really nice to be able to default this.

For deletes using shadow tables MobiLink suggests {OWNER}.{TABLE}_del as table name, where owner is the owner of the original table. Is it possible to default this to something else, like Ml.{TABLE}Deleted, as well as defaulting the triggers to Ml{Table}OnDelete and Ml{Table}OnInsert. Again, this is for naming conventions only. I am aware of the possibility to override the syncrhonization scrips and write my own logic but MobiLink doesn't generate the shadow tables and triggers automatically on deployment if I override the synchronization scripts, which is a big loss.

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You don't have to manually change the timestamp column name for each table mapping if you enter the name you want when creating the sync model. Note that you'd have to change the name on two pages for each new model: on the Timestamp Download Options page for downloads and on the Download Deletes page for the generated delete shadow tables. Those column names are then used for all table mappings, including ones that are added later.

There is no UI for changing the shadow table owner, suffix, or trigger names. You could try editing the the *-pattern attributes for the <sync-settings> elements in your MLSM file using a text or XML editor. That wouldn't let you change the shadow table owner though, and you would need to make sure the scripts were regenerated when you next opened the model in Sybase Central.

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