Hi Colleagues,

My aim is to view the ultralitej database for android (extension .ulj)

I have installed licensed version of "SQL Anywhere Advanced 12.0.1 Windows 32/64-bit". It doesn't come with ultralitej reader.

To add the ultralitej componenet, i tried installing following licensed components 12.0 SQL Anywhere UltraLiteJ with Sync 12.0 Not Platform Specific - 32/64bit 12.0 SQL Anywhere UltraLiteJ with Sync 12.0 for Windows - 32/64bit But as soon as i want to add the feature and click the registration key,it says "Invalid license key". However when i check in "https://sybase.subscribenet.com/control/sybs/dload_serialNum?item_key=2953963&plne=61061" . The key is correct.

Best Regards Ashish Rawat

asked 22 Apr '12, 13:50

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ashish rawat
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Please ensure that you are installing version 12.0.1. UltraLiteJ for the Android platform was a new feature of that release. You can install the software that you have but will need to apply the 12.0.1 maintenance release to get the Android software.

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answered 22 Apr '12, 16:58

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Chris Keating
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I have downloaded all the extension and installed at following link that says sql anywhere. https://sybase.subscribenet.com/control/sybs/product?plneID=61061

Where i get the maintenance release and how do i apply it for android ? Best Regards Ashish Rawat

(26 Apr '12, 12:01) ashish rawat

You can get Maintenance Releases and Patches from http://downloads.sybase.com. Make sure that you change the timeframe from "3 months" to "in all months" and click GO to refresh, go to the section "Platform: Windows x86/Windows x64" and get the "SQL Anywhere - Maintenance Release, Upgrade of 12.0.0 to 12.0.1". You should also apply the current EBF "SQL Anywhere - SQL Anywhere Monitor EBF, Update of 12.0.1 to build 3605" once the MR has been installed.

(26 Apr '12, 12:15) Chris Keating
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