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On Mac, with SqlAnywhere, how to connect and start db on a network drive. Even though the file is mounted, but it fails to start the db.


asked 18 Apr '12, 19:09

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What error do you get when the server fails to start the db?

Note that it is not recommended to have your database on a drive that is not directly connected to the host that is running the database server.... since doing so can cause unexpected and unwanted results including data corruption.

(18 Apr '12, 22:28) Mark Culp

The error I am getting is the following: Unable to start specified database: autostarting database failed SQLCODE = -82 SQLSTATE = 08001

(18 Apr '12, 22:45) VMeng
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Try to pre start the DB with e.g. dbeng or dbsrv programms then have a look at the error message you get there.

(19 Apr '12, 06:58) Martin

Which version of SQL Anywhere are you using? (e.g. How exactly have you mounted the network drive (what was your mount command?) Which OS/file system (e.g. ext4, NTFS, ...) does the database reside on?

As a supplement to Mark's comments, see: We do not recommend running a database off of an SMB/CIFS mount. NAS/iSCSI/SAN systems should adhere to the document recommendations above.

As Martin suggested, to get the database started, try starting the database with just "dbsrv" or "dbeng" with the output log enabled - (e.g. "dbsrv12 -z -o console.txt database.db" ). This output will help you log any problems with starting the database.

If this simple test works, it looks like your connection string to auto-start the database may be incorrect from your application. Can you post the full string (removing any passwords / sensitive IP information)?

(19 Apr '12, 11:42) Jeff Albion
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