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hello there,

we recently shifted to powerbuilder 12.5 just to check if our application can run cooorectly under its platform (we used PB9.0).

in our application we connect to the database using JDBC driver, and we run the application from an external batch file. however we get the error "powerbuilder JDBC internal error" whenever we want to connect to the database in the code, but sometimes from the db profile we can connect normally..

so how can we connect using jdbc in the code?

asked 03 Apr '12, 03:58

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I recently changed two PB12.5 apps from ODBC to JDBC connection. Below are the 2 powerscript code changes that I changed to do this. Let me know if this is helpful.





//SQLCA.dbparm = "ConnectString='DSN=" + ls_server + ";UID=" + trim(sle_userid.text) + &
                 ";PWD=" + string(ls_dbpassword)  + "'"


SQLCA.dbparm = "URL='jdbc:sqlanywhere:DBN=" + ls_server + ";UID=" + trim(sle_userid.text) + ";PWD=" + string(ls_dbpassword)  +  ";ServerName=test_sqlanywhere12;ASTART=NO;Host=dhhbgbfhsql101:2638',Driver='sybase.jdbc4.sqlanywhere.IDriver'"
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answered 03 Apr '12, 08:46

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edited 03 Apr '12, 09:01

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Calvin Allen

thats exactly what am using...i think am missing a dll or a jar file in this application, since i already created a test application with the same code and it connected fine

(04 Apr '12, 04:30) Mira

A missing class is not likely the cause of the error that you are seeing. Since it is an internal error, I think it would be best to raise this question in a forum (or via a technical support case) focused on PowerBuilder.

(04 Apr '12, 08:04) Chris Keating

thnks Chris maybe ur right, I traced the issue using JDBC Driver Manager Trace and got this error: (4.701 MS / 4.701 MS) (6d465b4): ERROR 999 (rc -1) : PowerBuilder JDBC Internal Error (6d465b4): SHUTDOWN DATABASE INTERFACE:(DBI_SHUTDOWN_INTERFACE) (0.005 MS / 4.706 MS)

(04 Apr '12, 08:58) Mira
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