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Alas, I didn't save the sa_conn_info() output, but I recently saw several consecutive connection numbers in 1000000xxx range on a 11.0.1 database, started five days earlier, with no activity since the period just after they were started. No identifying information at all. Probably not events or web services.

asked 21 Sep '10, 18:02

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Breck Carter
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You're on 12.0.1 already? Cutting Edge, I have to say:)

(21 Sep '10, 19:32) Volker Barth

More evidence of advancing years...

(22 Sep '10, 08:41) Breck Carter

That gives the "diagnostics" tag a further meaning:)

(22 Sep '10, 13:00) Volker Barth

There are a bunch of things that can cause temporary connections to be created. The list is on dcx on the connection properties page - look for the 'Name' property.

If your server is idle, it is very likely the cleaner.

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answered 21 Sep '10, 18:36

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Graeme Perrow
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This is actually 11.0.1 (sorry for misleading "12.0.1" in my question). There was nothing showing in the connection name column, were the names added in version 12?

(22 Sep '10, 08:48) Breck Carter

Yes, the names are a new 12.0 feature.

(22 Sep '10, 13:10) Graeme Perrow
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