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It's surely not one of my routine tasks but lately I had to modify some values in a database, and by lack of an application-specific GUI to do so, I chose DBISQL to display the according rows and modified them in the result tab. (I should add I'm still more the dbisqlc type of guy, as John will know.)

In general, this is a nice feature, and the according DML statements get even caught in DBISQL's history tab. And modifying strings, numbers and date values works well.

However, when editing timestamp values, it seems a bit harder. I'm using the defaults for date_order, date_format and the like:

alt text

There are two things that seem sub-optimal:

  1. Whereas its common pracise to fill a timestamp via SQL by just setting the DATE part, the editor seems only to accept timestamp values when I enter at least the hour and minute part, too. If I leave them out (as I often just want to set the date), the value is silently discarded, and a NULL value is stored. - If something is missing, I would really appreciate a conversion error message or the like - though I would suggest to accept the omitted time as the default "00:00:00.000000".

  2. When entering the "edit mode", the timestamp values is displayed differently, namely in a "long format" with different date order and a leading month name - that's at least quite irritating:

alt text

Am I doing something wrong here, or might this behaviour be optimized?

asked 28 Mar '12, 06:05

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Volker Barth
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For me the same, so it seems to be a hard coded format of dbisql...

(28 Mar '12, 08:41) Martin

Any comment from the SQL Anywhere tooling engineers would be very welcome:)

(03 May '12, 03:24) Volker Barth

Which SA version are you using? With SA12, I can edit day, month or year while kepping hour, minute, second and msec. However, there's still one point annoying me: the time is always displayed in 12h format with AM or PM; that might be OK for countries using that notation, but it sucks elsewhere.

On the nice side there's a cute new feature: if you edit a row in SC or ISQL, there's an ellipsis following the value. Clicking on it will allow you to select "Edit in Window" or "Set to Null" from a popup menu. "Edit in window" on a timestamp will enable you to select the new date from a calendar control without changing the time values.

(08 May '12, 10:02) Reimer Pods
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I should have been more verbose - it's 12.0.1 (currently build 3554), I just used an according tag...

As to the handling of "existing time portions" I agree with your positive feedback, however, I really dislike that I have to care about the time portion at all if I can omit it in SQL altogether:)

(08 May '12, 11:03) Volker Barth
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