we use smtp replication with dbremote

Everything works smoothly, but now we did add a new remote to the replication and that one can't send back messages to the consolidate.

It always aborts with:

I. 2012-03-26 15:33:00. Nachricht wird an "outlet24" (0-0005534246-0005538674-0) gesendet
I. 2012-03-26 15:33:06. Line is too long, buffer overflow
I. 2012-03-26 15:33:11. Line is too long, buffer overflow
I. 2012-03-26 15:33:16. Line is too long, buffer overflow
I. 2012-03-26 15:33:21. Line is too long, buffer overflow
I. 2012-03-26 15:33:27. Line is too long, buffer overflow
E. 2012-03-26 15:33:32. Fehler beim Senden der Nachricht
I. 2012-03-26 15:33:32. Anforderungen erneuter Sendungen werden in die Warteschlange gesetzt
E. 2012-03-26 15:33:32. Senden von Nachrichten fehlgeschlagen
I. 2012-03-26 15:33:33. Ausführung abgeschlossen

The problem turns out to be a "transparent" smtp proxy which listens on port 25 of the ISP and then stumbles over the smtp traffic of dbremote. They have this in place to prevent sending spam from dialup/dsl connections, and state that we should use another port than port 25... On our server side the mailserver also accepts port 587 (submission)

We did already try to decrease the length to the minimum of 10000 (-l 10000) but to no avail....

Is there a way to have dbremote with SMTP to connect to port 587 of the smtp server (Submission port) ?


asked 26 Mar '12, 09:43

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Volker Barth

The provider is swisscom in switzerland, (One of the largest providers in switzerland, market share ~50%)

(26 Mar '12, 09:44) ASchild

You can't change the port numer, but we'd be interested in seeing a dbremote log with debug settings on for the SMTP message link. Can you execute a command similar to :

set remote smtp option debug='on'

Thanks, Reg

(26 Mar '12, 16:08) Reg Domaratzki
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There seems to not be a way to format comments, so I put the debug=on messages as a answer....

(27 Mar '12, 12:24) ASchild
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FWIW: You can also format comments (w.t.h. of Markdown basics, cf. the right pane of the edit page...) - another approach is to write an answer and convert it into a comment afterwards (and possibly convert it back into an answer for further editing, though that may break nested comments).

Yep, this seems fitting to the port fix you needed to do:)

(27 Mar '12, 12:34) Volker Barth

Thank you for the feature request - I have opened an enhancement request support case and engineering case (#11728671 / CR #703130 respectively) for the options 'smtp_port' / 'pop3_port' ( http://dcx.sybase.com/index.html#1201/en/dbreference/set-remote-option-statement.html ) to be considered in a future release.

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answered 27 Mar '12, 18:45

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Jeff Albion
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dbremote uses the standard port 25 to talk to the SMTP server. This port is hard coded and you cannot change it. You may be able to solve this problem by redirecting the network traffic from port 25 to port 587 using Java or Perl script, but I have never done this before.

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answered 26 Mar '12, 12:40

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Yufei Guo
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You may be able to try setting remote options for the SMTP, as there are a few settings (haven't tested, just posting). I'm thinking specifically smtp_host, which might accept a port, not sure.


The SMTP Message System

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answered 26 Mar '12, 13:40

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Calvin Allen
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The "debug" option may be helpful, as well...

(26 Mar '12, 14:09) Volker Barth

The smtp_host option will not accept a port. Port 25 is hard coded into dbremote when using SMTP.

(26 Mar '12, 14:22) Reg Domaratzki

Here what the debug=on shows:

I. 2012-03-27 17:51:53. gethostname
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:53. gethostbyname pos-058
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:53. gethostbyname smtp.aarboard.ch
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:53. socket
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:53. connect SMTP
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. 220 zhhdzmsp-nwas16.bluewin.ch ESMTP Service (Swisscom Schweiz AG) ready
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. EHLO pos-058
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. 250-zhhdzmsp-nwas16 says EHLO to
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. 250-PIPELINING
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. 250-8BITMIME
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. 250-SIZE 26214400
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. 250-AUTH=LOGIN
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. 250 AUTH LOGIN
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. Authentication mech found: LOGIN
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. AUTH LOGIN
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. 334 *********
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. **************
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. 334 *************
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. ***********
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. 235 Authed. Go on.
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. MAIL FROM:<xxxxxxxxxxx@yyyyyy.ch>
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. 250 MAIL FROM accepted
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. RCPT TO:<zzzzzzzzzzz@yyyyyyyyyyy.ch>
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. Line is too long, buffer overflow
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. RSET
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. ad of port 25. More information: www.swisscom.ch/p25.
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. QUIT
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. 250 RSET OK
I. 2012-03-27 17:51:58. closesocket

In the meantime I did install a local postfix which is then forwarding the mails to the smarthost on port 587, so this works.

But a option to tell dbremote to use another smtp port would highly be appreciated, since in switzerland many ISP's block port 25

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answered 27 Mar '12, 12:23

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