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Newbie Alert - we are just starting to experiment with SQLA on Windows Mobile so may be missing deeply obvious things!


  • Windows Mobile 6.1 professional
  • CE OS 5.2.20776 (Build 20776.1.4.9)
  • SQL Anywhere
  • device: Datalogic Memor

The general idea is a very simple cross-platform mobile application, interacting with data synchronised periodically with the server using Mobilink. To get round all the cross-platform issues, we want a have web application, and hope to use the SQLAnywhere web server to deliver it. This would give us an easily deployable application and data synchronisation solution in one go - everything would be in the database.

The mobile devices will be being used in situations where there is usually / often no wireless (or wired) connectivity (if it was always available we wouldn't need data synchronisation of course!).

SQLA installs fine, database starts fine. A trivial prototype application works fine when the mobile device has a WiFi connection, Internet Explorer opening the webservice "page" at However when there is no WiFi connection, IE reports "Action cancelled. IE cannot link to the page requested...." A dialogue box also comes up saying "cannot connect with current connection settings"

My question is: why cannot the local SQLAnywhere webservice be seen, just because there is no Wifi connection, and is there a way around this?

asked 15 Sep '10, 13:16

Justin%20Willey's gravatar image

Justin Willey
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This seems like a configuration issue on your device. The web service should be picked up by Pocket IE whether or not you have WiFi connection. I did a quick Google search for the error "cannot connect with current connection settings" and got hits about changing your configuration, particularly around ActiveSync (try Programs > ActiveSync and close it. Don't know why that would matter).

I think the problem is that Pocket IE wants to use a particular connection for all its HTTP traffic and fails because it cannot find it.

Hopefully this helps you out.


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answered 15 Sep '10, 14:40

Jos%C3%A9%20Ramos's gravatar image

José Ramos
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Thanks for taking a look at this José. As you say, IE is getting upset. Doing some more reading around, I think it maybe that IE is looking for a DNS server as a matter of course (even though it doesn't need one in this case) and getting upset because it can't find one. Active Sync isn't involved (or running) in this case. Mmmm...

(15 Sep '10, 15:41) Justin Willey
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