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(This is more or less a meta SX question - but I haven't found an answer there.)

The question says it all, and the answer seems to be "No.".

For the planned Sybase-hosted SQLA site, I would suggest to turn the answer into "Yes" (if the underlying OSQA software does allow for this feature), and would even suggest that comments can be upvoted and downvoted like answers.

This site shows that comments are very helpful:

They often turn out to be real answers (but were possibly written as comments because the commentator wasn't sure if they were appropriate or correct), or they might give relevant hints or add further value to existing answers.

IMHO, that should be honoured - at least as long as reputation is necessary for certain priviledges.

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asked 13 Sep '10, 12:15

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Volker Barth
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Mark Culp


Sounds reasonable. I support the proposal.

(13 Sep '10, 12:20) Reimer Pods

That's the wrong way to go about it: what admins/moderators ought to be able to do is upgrade a comment to a regular answer if they feel it's more than a comment. Since Sybase has been tweaking OSQA to get it to work with SQL Anywhere (dying to hear to more from them about it), adding the feature should not prove too much work

(13 Sep '10, 12:43) Vincent Buck

@Vincent Sometimes comments aren't answers in themselves, but very usefully clarify issues, point out new directions etc. If one is going to bother with the whole reputation thing (I'm not convinced it's necessary in this kind of forum) then I agree with Volker that votes on comments should count.

(13 Sep '10, 13:14) Justin Willey

@Volker: I agree.

(13 Sep '10, 14:28) Breck Carter

@Volker: Thanks for you comment and suggestion. I was wondering the same thing :-) I will add your suggestion to the list of things to consider for the new site.

(13 Sep '10, 16:50) Mark Culp

@All: Thanks for all those great comments! And never mind, I deliberately chose to ask a "community wiki"-style question, so both you and me won't be handled differently w.r.t. reputation, aka gain none here:)

(13 Sep '10, 19:31) Volker Barth

I know it's not the same thing, and I think you're right, but there is a badge for high scoring comments.

(17 Sep '10, 16:01) Daz Liquid
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