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we are running a sqlremote replicated setup with FTP as the message type.

SQL Remote Message Agent Version

The FTP server is running under linux, the consolidate database also (On the same server) The remote DB is on a windows 2008 r2 server (64Bit) and normally replication works fine.

But about 4-5 times a week the dbremote process on the windows server just stops working. In the service manager I see that it is still running, but it does not consume noticable CPU cycles and also does not respond on a stop service request.

After killing the dbremote service via kill I can restart the service and everything works smotth again for several hours...

In the dbremote logfile it then always hangs after these messages:

I. 2010-07-28 16:22:59. connect I. 2010-07-28 16:22:59. Getting server response: I. 2010-07-28 16:23:04. 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list

So it seems that it can't retrieve a directory listing and for some reason just waits forever....

Any idea how can solve this problem ?


asked 02 Sep '10, 17:47

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Grutzi Andre...

do you have verbose messaging turned on? (-v setting on dbremote.)

(02 Sep '10, 19:01) Ron Hiner

Hello Ron, yes, but it just does not show more informations when it hangs. I see the sql statements when messages are applied, but usually when it hangs, it just is in a state where dbremote waits for a server answer.

The firewall is out of my control, but I know that it is a checkpoint cluster with some kind of load balancing.

(02 Sep '10, 22:13) ASchild

I experience this issue quite frequently as well. I've never been able to figure it out.

(03 Sep '10, 00:54) Calvin Allen

Heloo Calvin,

thanks :( We did some FTP replication in 5.5 days and under netware. That was also not really stable at that time (But worked good for the time beeing) Then we switched over to smtp and since then no problems at all.

For this project we have (large) pictures in the database and did think that a FTP replication (only one-two remotes) might be more efficient.

(03 Sep '10, 06:00) ASchild

Andre -- how big are your message files?

(03 Sep '10, 13:13) Ron Hiner

They were about 25kB, but since we got the problem that all extensions had been used up, we did increase them. Now the files on the ftp server are arround 500kB. (And the windows remote causing problems is connected with ~30MB/sec symatric line)

(10 Sep '10, 06:41) ASchild
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