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I'm creating a data transfer utility. One thing it has to do is disable foreign keys while deleting and inserting data. Is there a way to disable foreign keys on referencing tables so the constraint isn't evaluated? I'm hoping there is a way to switch it off as oppose to dropping and creating.



Address AddressID

Customer AddressID - Foreign key to Address

Which do I do first? If I delete from Customer then insert I may be inserting records with an AddressID that doesn't exist in Address (foreign key constraint). If I delete from Address (automatic foreign key constraint).

I can't delete everything table then start inserting. It has to be a Delete\Insert pair.

asked 27 Aug '10, 23:01

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Brad Wery
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Have you found a solution to this one?

(17 May '12, 07:36) henginy
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This question is two years old. There is no guarantee Brad will see your comment.

You should ask a new question, and explain why WAIT_FOR_COMMIT won't work for you... Brad wasn't clear in his response.

(17 May '12, 09:41) Breck Carter

You might be able to use the option wait_for_commit to prevent the evaluation of any foreign key relationship until the next commit.

This should suffice if your deletes/inserts can be done within a single transaction.

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answered 28 Aug '10, 11:20

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Volker Barth
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The tables are processed individually (one does not know of the other). This won't work. Thanks though.

(31 Aug '10, 01:07) Brad Wery

Some time ago I need something like this. I solved this problem calculating and generating an import order.

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answered 27 Aug '10, 23:44

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To refresh the table I may do a delete and then an insert. The only way to do this would be to disable the foreign keys. I'll update the question with a scenario.

(28 Aug '10, 00:54) Brad Wery
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