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Hi I am using VBscript (QTP) facing an issue in making an connection to database (Sybase 15.0 ) since in the DbPassword has semicolon in the end .For e.g. Test123;

Below is the piece of code used where paramters are passed

set adoConn=Createobject("ADODB.Connection") adoConn.ConnectionTimeout =600 adoConn.Open ("DRIVER={Sybase ASE ODBC Driver};NA=" & sDBServerName & "," & sDBPortNo & " ;DB=" & sDBName & ";UID=" & sDBUserID & ";PWD=" & sDBPassword & " ;")

is there a way using which i can escape the ';' in vbscript please help!


Additional Info : in VBscript ';' semicolon is taken as a literal if placed inside a "". ie sDBPassword = "Test;" will take ';' as a part of string , however connection sting is

("DRIVER={Sybase ASE ODBC Driver};NA=myNewServer,6400;DB=TestDb;UID=keshava;PWD=Test;;") this when passed as a connection string ignores the semicolon in the end and takes the password as Test

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This forum is dedicated to SQL Anywhere, which is a different product from ASE.

For SQL Anywhere this question is moot since passwords cannot contain semicolons:

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answered 03 Aug '11, 06:04

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