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While synchronising data b/w SQL Anywhere and HANA via RDSynch; we are getting an error:

2017-05-05 12:04:55.499 Server error: Message: ODBC: [SAP AG][LIBODBCHDB SO][HDBODBC] Base table or view not found;259 invalid table name: Could not find table/view HELLO in schema HELLO: line 1 col 19 (at pos 18) (ODBC State = 42S02, Native error code = 259). Table Name: HELLO

The script that we executed in HANA initially had the following code:

CALL SAP_HANA_SYNC.ml_add_table_script ( 'HELLO_V1', 'HELLO', 'upload_insert', 'INSERT INTO HELLO.HELLO (ID, READING) VALUES ({ml r.ID}, {ml r.READING})' )

But the table HELLO is created in schema CONN_PHARMA, so I changed the script to following and ran again:

CALL SAP_HANA_SYNC.ml_add_table_script ( 'HELLO_V1', 'HELLO', 'upload_insert', 'INSERT INTO CONN_PHARMA.HELLO (ID, READING) VALUES ({ml r.ID}, {ml r.READING})' )

But I still get the error. How to delete the previous script because it seems that the synchronisation is referring to the previous script only even now.

asked 05 May, 02:41

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I don't know exactly what is happening on the server, but you can read the documentation at first (ml_add_table_script) and then update your question accordingly - what you did, what you have in the ml_script table.

That article says how to delete, how to verify that the scripts were changed, what should be done with the server to reflect the changes.

(05 May, 03:44) Vlad

Scripts are by default cached for performance reasons. As a result, script changes generally require a restart of the RDSync server components.

(05 May, 08:44) Chris Keating
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It worked. Thanks!

(05 May, 09:11) suberta

hey, Chris :) my link tells this solution, he had to read it only.

(05 May, 12:15) Vlad
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