Dear sirs, is there any tool to translate the messages being transferred between consolidated and remote databases? (In case of replication using SQL REMOTE technology). Thanks in advance

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AFAIK, you can not directly "read or translate" those messages (except when using method 3) but there are ways to get to know the message contents:

  1. Run DBREMOTE with option -v (verbose): That will list all SQL statements that are read and applied (or fail) by DBREMOTE based on the received messages. (Highly recommended to understand the work of SQL Remote...)

  2. Use DBTRAN -sr on the sending database to list those commands that will be sent (or have been sent) to the other databases. (You may need to know the according translog opffest ranges here.)

  3. Use DBREMOTE with compression option set to 0. AFAIK that will produce "readable" message files. Not recommended for production use IMHO.

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What do you mean with method 3? I read the documentation for the available options for DBREMOTE and could not find any option for compression: Could you please write me an example for DBREMOTE with compression option?

(10 May, 04:22) Sarkis
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Here you are:

compression option [SQL Remote]

It's set like any other SQL Remote option. i.e. via

SET OPTION PUBLIC.compression = 0;

I'd highly recommend to test that in a test environment (as any other SQL Remote aspect!).

(10 May, 04:49) Volker Barth

Using -v -a -p -o & -c switches in combination will not apply the messages (-a), and will not purge them (-p), but will log the contents to the console log (-v -o).

Of course this will need to be ran on the machine which has the messages needing to be translated and connected (-c) to the database that would normally be receiving them. The messages and database files can be (safely) moved to another location together to be ran offline.

Since this will only translate the messages and will perform no other actions for the receive phase you should probably restrict this to a single pass (-b) of just the receive phase (-r) so I would add these 2 switches as well.

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answered 24 Apr, 10:44

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