Does the following "Attempt to reload definition" message come from the SQL Anywhere 16 server? (Google hasn't been much help)

SQL Anywhere Network Server Version
E. 04/22 08:23:24. Attempt to reload definition for event "rroad_monitor_sample_loop" failed due to concurrent event execution

AFAIK it appears when a particular TRIGGER EVENT is executed, in legacy code which has been executed billions of times over the years without this symptom.

If this is an (undocumented?) SQL Anywhere message, is it an exception that would (should?) be trapped by EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN?

Bad news: The code has EXCEPTION handlers everywhere; i.e., in the triggering block and in the event handler itself, and neither of them saw an exception.

Good news: Stopping and restarting dbsrv16 made it go away.

Bad news: A repro is unlikely :)

asked 22 Apr, 08:47

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Breck Carter
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The noted message does get generated by the server. This message will be printed to the server console log when an event is being prepared to be executed, the event is marked as needing to be reloaded (for example, due to DDL having been executed on the database), and the attempt to reload the event definition failed (for not entirely understood reasons ... but looks to be related to having multiple occurrences of a single event executing at the same time).

This message cannot be trapped by an exception clause because the issue is raised on the worker that is attempting to execute the event. I.e. it is running asynchronous to the worker that triggered the event.

AFAICT There is no easy way to detect when this has happened (except scanning the console log for the message).

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answered 24 Apr, 08:52

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