Hi all,

is there an option for using Central on machines with high resolution. By default it is quite unusable because the controls are much too large.



alt text

asked 17 Mar, 03:36

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Axel Siepmann
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FWIW, that has also been discussed here...

(17 Mar, 04:10) Volker Barth

Ah, didn't see that, sorry. Thanks, Volker.

(17 Mar, 04:23) Axel Siepmann
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No need top feel sorry:) - So have the suggenstions there helped in your case?

(17 Mar, 07:01) Volker Barth

I haven't been able to get Sybase Central usable on my hi-res laptop except by dropping the screen resolution right down. The various compatibility options just make things worse - it seems to be a widespread problem with some types of Java applications.

(17 Mar, 11:25) Justin Willey

Hello Justin,

after setting the display option and killing the quick loader in taskmanager (scjview.exe) i was able to start Central with the original resolution. The font ist quite small then but even better than shown above.


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answered 17 Mar, 11:52

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Axel Siepmann
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edited 17 Mar, 11:52

Thanks Axel - I'll try that.

(17 Mar, 11:55) Justin Willey
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