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Wrote this pre-requisite function to determine if a student has a minimum amount of hours to take a certain course. But I must exclude a repeated course in the total. Runs great in ISQL, but when calling the function, it complains "Result set not permitted in 'HoursUpperLevelFinance'" Any ideas what it is tripping on? TIA, Becky (Bradley University)

ALTER FUNCTION "DBA"."HoursUpperLevelFinance"( in @studnum unsigned integer,in @pregrades bit default 0 ) 
returns decimal(5,2)
not deterministic
  declare @fhours decimal(5,2);
  set @fhours = 0;
(select top 1 credit into @fhours
from dba.classes t2 
where t2.studnum = t1.studnum and t2.dropdate is null and coalesce(t2.grade,'') <> 'W'
    and(( is not null and t2.honorpoint is not null) or @pregrades = 1)  
    and t2.course = t1.course
    and t2.course_no = t1.course_no
ORDER BY t2.repeatterm desc) 
)  as total
from dba.classes t1
where t1.studnum = @studnum 
    and t1.dropdate is null and coalesce(t1.grade,'') <> 'W' 
    and(( is not null and t1.honorpoint is not null) or @pregrades = 1)  
    and t1.course = 'FIN'
    and t1.course_no >= 300
    and t1.repeatterm is null
  if @fhours is null then set @fhours = 0 end if;
  return @fhours

asked 21 Jul '16, 13:08

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edited 21 Jul '16, 13:24

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Mark Culp

You need an "INTO @fhours" in your select statement... otherwise the result set is returned to the caller. Example:

)  as total
into @fhours
from dba.classes t1
where t1.studnum = @studnum 
    and t1.repeatterm is null

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answered 21 Jul '16, 13:28

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Mark Culp
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Thank-you for your response. It's there...Do I have it misplaced? "select top 1 credit into @fhours"

(21 Jul '16, 13:58) rsnyder

Oh I SEE where you're saying it should be. Will give that a try, thanks!

(21 Jul '16, 13:59) rsnyder

Yes, that did it. A misplaced "into"! Thanks!


(21 Jul '16, 13:59) rsnyder
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