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Mobilink Sync - I'd like to setup one table in my publication to be "upload-only". I will set the download_ scripts to be {ml_ignore} and only setup ML scripts for the upload_.

This upload-only table will continue to grow in size without download cursors to partition or delete the data. Is there a way to maintain this upload-only table by deleting rows older than 30 days for example (without having those deleted rows upload in the upload_delete sync)?

asked 27 May '16, 10:50

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Jason MS
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Are you asking about maintatining the table at the remote database, or at the consolidated? I suspect remote, but wanted to double check.

Is your remote database a SQL Anywhere database or an UltraLite database?


(27 May '16, 10:54) Reg Domaratzki
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Good question. Maintaining the remote which is Ultralite in this instance.

(27 May '16, 11:01) Jason MS

I'm pretty sure that the STOP/START SYNCHRONIZATION DELETE command will do exactly what you want.*loio8273bd896ce210148dcdb13ce62a80ae

I think the sample on the page even demonstrates deleting records older than a month, which isn't exactly 30 days, but is pretty close. :)

Please note the warnings on the page. They are there for a reason.

Warning #1: This command can be useful when making corrections to a remote database, but should be used with caution as it effectively disables MobiLink synchronization. You should only stop deletion logging temporarily.

Warning #2: The way in which UltraLite traces row states is unique. Be sure you understand the implication of deletes and row states.


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answered 27 May '16, 11:04

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Reg Domaratzki
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edited 27 May '16, 11:06

Perfect! I had never known these STOP/START statements existed for deletes. Thanks!

(27 May '16, 11:14) Jason MS

A good way to think about this feature/statement is that while active it simply prevents the DELETE operations from synchronizing.

So, if you have a downloaded row, and delete it while STOP SYNC DELETE is active, it's deleted from the remote but MobiLink won't hear about the delete.

If you insert then (normally) delete a row on the remote without synchronizing, nothing will be synchronized for that row, of course.

If you insert a row then delete it while STOP SYNC DELETE is active and then synchronize, what happens? The remote will synchronize the insert, only.

(27 May '16, 11:40) Tim McClements
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