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The v16 docs give a sample command line of:

dbbackup -l path-on-secondary-computer\filename.log -c "connection-string"

but when I try this format I get a usage error. I find that I have to put the folder for the live log file at the end of the command line:

dbbackup -l path-on-secondary-computer\filename.log -c "connection-string" path-on-secondary-computer

Oddly, if I do something like this

dbbackup -l c:\temp\MyLogFile.log  -c "ENG=SA16;DBN=v16test;UID=DBA;PWD=****" c:\nottemp

it works fine despite the contradictory paths - putting the file MyLogFile.log in the folder c:\nottemp


asked 07 Jan '16, 12:13

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Justin Willey
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edited 07 Jan '16, 12:13

The docs specify

   dbbackup -l filename ... target-directory

so it appears to be ignoring your first directory

   dbbackup -l ignore-this-directory\filename ... target-directory

This wouldn't be the first time SQL Anywhere has ignored extra "noise" :)

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answered 07 Jan '16, 12:55

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Breck Carter
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Thanks Breck, I should have been clearer :) My (minor) moan is that the docs are inconsistent:


dbbackup -l filename ... target-directory



dbbackup -l path-on-secondary-computer\filename.log -c "connection-string"
(07 Jan '16, 13:04) Justin Willey
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Many of the examples have never been tested, alas.

(07 Jan '16, 15:31) Breck Carter

@Graham... the second answer appeared when I edited the first one.

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answered 07 Jan '16, 12:56

Breck%20Carter's gravatar image

Breck Carter
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