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Hello !

I'm using and entity Framework. I have situation where depending on several conditions I construct a query step by step .

This is the code :(Article has 2 relationship with F1 and F2)

Dim list1 As IEnumerable(Of Article)
     list1 = From t In context.Articles.Include("F1").Include("F2") Order By Ascending
                 Select t
     If condition1 then
         list1 = list1.Where(Function(t2) = 1)
     End If
     If condition2 then
         list1 = list1.Where(Function(t2) = 7)
     End If

This code is working , but now I want to add a new condition , and if this is true the child "F1" should be filtered.

How can I filter the Child "F1"

Thank you !

asked 31 Jan '15, 17:03

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This seems to be basically an EF question. Is that question related to SQL Anywhere (except the fact that one can use EF with SQL Anywhere)?

(02 Feb '15, 05:04) Volker Barth
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