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Not a real question here, just reporting a bug in version
When upgrading from version 11 to 16 I ran into a problem with a query that crashed the asa 16 engine. I managed to pinpoint the problem to a "having 0 in (field, 1)" construct.

Depending on how complex the query is you will either get an assertion failed error (106104) or it will crash the engine. The following queries will reproduce this behaviour:


select max(count) as max_count, table_type  
  from sys.systable 
 group by table_type  
having 0 in (max_count, 1)


Could not execute statement.
Run time SQL error -- ERROR Assertion failed: 106104
Field unexpected during compilation
SQLCODE=-300, ODBC 3 State="HY000"
Line 1, column 1


select max(c.width) as max_width, t.table_type  
  from sys.systable as t  
       left outer join sys.syscolumn as c  
                    on c.table_id = t.table_id  
 group by t.table_type  
having 0 in (max_width, 1)


dbeng16 has encountered a serious error and needs to close

The workaround for this problem is simpel. Just replace the having clause with "0 = field or 0 = 1".

And in case you're wondering: the actual query we used looked like this "having 0 in (field, :param)" where we use the param value to optionally apply the having clause.

asked 11 Nov '14, 04:39

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Christian Ha...
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Thanks for the simple repro Christian. I've opened QTS 774060 to address the issue.

permanent link

answered 11 Nov '14, 09:33

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Reg Domaratzki
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FWIW, according to the CR note this has been fixed with and

(06 Jan '15, 07:46) Volker Barth
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