The forum will be down for maintenance over the weekend of August 18-20, 2017. The forum will be shut down on the evening (EDT) of Friday, August 18. Downtime is unknown but may be up to two days. The forum will be restarted as soon as maintenance is complete.

That's no question, just a remark about a post-migration effect...

Yes, I confess to read both URLs and log entries, especially as I noticed that claim:)

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Has the forum already been using SA 16 before?

asked 29 Mar '14, 15:04

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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edited 29 Mar '14, 15:06

What "maintenance log" are you talking about? The list of outages (which I cleaned up) here seems to be working fine.

Update: This is fixed. When modifying the contents of the page, I seem to have marked it as unpublished, which would prevent any non-administrator from seeing it. This is why I could see it but nobody else could, and why I couldn't see it when I logged out.

To answer the question, no. The old forum used SQL Anywhere 12.0.1. The new one uses 16.0.

permanent link

answered 29 Mar '14, 18:22

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Graeme Perrow
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edited 31 Mar '14, 09:15

Scroll down to the bottom of this page (or any page methinks). The "Maintenance Log" link is down there in the weeds.

(29 Mar '14, 20:50) Breck Carter
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In that case, it is a link to the right place and does not give a 404.

(29 Mar '14, 20:52) Graeme Perrow

Um, your link "here" gives 404, it being the same URL as "Maintenance Log".

(29 Mar '14, 20:52) Breck Carter
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Weird. With Chrome I get the right page. Just tried IE and Firefox and I get the 404 with the exact same URL. I will investigate.

(29 Mar '14, 20:54) Graeme Perrow

I get 404 with Chrome. It may be an "outside the firewall" issue.

(29 Mar '14, 20:55) Breck Carter

I get 404 with IE11.

(29 Mar '14, 20:57) Breck Carter

When I'm logged in with IE I get the right page. When I log out of the forum and try again, I get the 404. Eeeeenteresting.

(29 Mar '14, 20:57) Graeme Perrow

Time for the dead chicken :)

(29 Mar '14, 20:58) Breck Carter

Ok, then... have a good evening [snork] :)

(29 Mar '14, 20:59) Breck Carter

FWIW, yes, that's the link I meant - still get a 404 with FF 27.1 and 28.0.

(In the end this issue might give a new entry in that maintenance log itself, methinks...)

(30 Mar '14, 07:41) Volker Barth
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