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Update: The first difference isn't quite as significant as first thought; it's all about the Hide SQL/Show SQL button :)

The Plan Viewer displays similar plans differently depending on how the plans were requested.

The following images were captured from two plans for more-or-less the same query. The "meat" of the plans are essentially identical; this posting is about GUI differences.

Here are the differences...

  • Image 1 doesn't show the top "SQL" pane by default like image 2 (the initial Hide SQL/Show SQL button settings are different)

  • Image 1 incorrectly shows "Statistics level: Optimizer estimates only"... this is a flaw in all plans produced by GRAPHICAL_PLAN().

  • Image 1 does show percentages in the diagram; image 2 does not.

The first image is of a plan captured via the following call to GRAPHICAL_PLAN()...

SELECT TOP 1 rroad_sample_set.sample_set_number
  FROM rroad_sample_set
       INNER JOIN rroad_group_2_property_pivot
                ON rroad_group_2_property_pivot.sample_set_number = rroad_sample_set.sample_set_number
 WHERE rroad_group_2_property_pivot.connection_id_string = @connection_id_string
   AND rroad_sample_set.sample_started_at                <= DATEADD ( MONTH, -1, @sample_finished_at )
 ORDER BY rroad_sample_set.sample_started_at DESC;
      2, -- Detailed statistics including node statistics
      'READ-ONLY' );

image 01 plan captured via GRAPHICAL_PLAN.png

The second image is of a plan for a query run in ISQL.

image 02 plan captured via ISQL.png

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Volker Barth

For the second one I would like to have the percentages too!

(23 Jan '14, 03:45) Martin
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