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Hi, I'm trying to specify the primary server by using the below syntax, but it does not accept it. Did I get the syntax correct?


Thanks Aron

asked 30 Dec '13, 18:00

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Which version and build number are you using?

(30 Dec '13, 21:19) Mark Culp

I believe its 16.0.0 build 1691. How do i check to make sure?

(31 Dec '13, 14:32) arony

To verify the server version, either take a look at the console log file (it is listed at the beginning on server started). The console log file is specified by the server -o option. Alternately, run "dbsrv16 -v".

On the preferred partner, I believe you need:

-xp partner=(ENG=mtrs16a;LINKS=tcpip...);preferred=yes


Frankly, it would likely be easier for you to use the non-deprecated CREATE MIRROR SERVER statements, since the current documentation uses these statements.

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answered 02 Jan '14, 11:01

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Ian McHardy
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