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Hi All,

I am facing an issue when we are doing RDP to a terminal server and accessing a sybase based application the application terminates if idle for some time say 4 mins of idle time, now where could be the setting for connection time out be set in RDP terminal server

This is only happening for this sybase based applcation, other apps( oracle or ms-sql based) hosted on this terminal server are not getting this issue

when i connect to the app through citrix server this doesn't happen so i assume the sybase database config/driver and all are fine, however some setting needs to be done in

either odbc for sybase in RDP server to fix this. i am not able to locate the place where this needs to be done.

asked 22 Oct '13, 11:07

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the application terminates if idle for some time say 4 mins of idle time

Can you explain this situation further? Does the application just "disappear", or does it display an error message?

Is the actual database server running in both cases or is the database server also stopping? Are there any messages in the database server console log that indicate what's happening?

(22 Oct '13, 11:39) Jeff Albion

The application doesn't disappear, it throws an error if we try to do any operation on it that would access/fetch data from database it gives a sybase error(ct-send() network packet layer, internal net library error, operation terminated due to disconnect)

The database server is running in both cases, its something to do with connection idle time settings on sybase client

(22 Oct '13, 13:11) vivek

ct-send() network packet layer, internal net library error, operation terminated due to disconnect

This looks like an Open Client error message. Are you really using "Sybase SQL Anywhere" as a database or are you using "Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)" as a database? They are different products.

What does 'SELECT @@version' return?

If you are using SQL Anywhere, which API are you using and what is your connection string/connection options?

Connection timeouts in SQL Anywhere are controlled by a combination of the database command-line options and the client connection string.

(22 Oct '13, 13:26) Jeff Albion
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