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i need a sql statement to count files in a folder strukture

this should be the result Startpath is users Folderpath ;Filecount /Users/miller ; 5 Files /Users/miller/test ; 20 Files /Users/smith/ ; 664 Files

asked 18 Sep '13, 09:26

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sorry, i need a DQL (like SQL) skript with direct output without a file.

(19 Sep '13, 07:02) emil123
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I don't understand your point:

Both suggestions offer a SQL statement to build a normal result set (and with directory access servers, you will need some more statements to set up the according proxy table, as Reimer has shown). They don't output to a file.

In case your question doesn't deal with SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere but with PHP/Doctrine/DQL, then I guess you're asking in the wrong forum...

(19 Sep '13, 08:41) Volker Barth

Have a look at "Directory access servers" SA12 DCX. Using CREATE SERVER, CREATE EXTERNLOGN and CREATE EXISTING TABLE you will be able to scan the folder (and subfolders, if specified). Example:

CREATE EXTERNLOGIN "dba" TO "FolderSample";

CREATE EXISTING TABLE "sirius"."UserDir" (
    "permissions" VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL,
    "size" BIGINT NOT NULL,
    "access_date_time" "datetime" NOT NULL,
    "modified_date_time" "datetime" NOT NULL,
    "create_date_time" "datetime" NOT NULL,
    "owner" VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
    "file_name" VARCHAR(260) NOT NULL,
    "contents" LONG BINARY NOT NULL
) AT 'FolderSample;;;.';

select file_name from UserDir where file_name like '%.csv'

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answered 18 Sep '13, 11:59

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Reimer Pods
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When using SA 16, you would prefer to use the brand new Directory and file system procedures, particularly the sp_list_directory system procedure.

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answered 18 Sep '13, 12:04

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Volker Barth
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edited 18 Sep '13, 12:05

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