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Hello, I am testing SQL Anywhere 12 web client procedure but when the size of the parameters exceeds 8192 bytes appears the following error : SQLSTATE : WW052, Error Message : HTTP request failed, Status code '406 Not Acceptable'. The same test on 902 version works with size parameters over 1MB and I guess that depends on the value of the PHP configuration directive POST_MAX_SIZE which is usually set to 8 MB. The following are the procedures to test and if the file 'test.txt' exceeds 8192 bytes gives an error:

ALTER PROCEDURE "DBA"."test_http_post"( in filename char(256),in filedata long varchar ) 
url 'HTTP://' type 'HTTP:POST'

  declare t_file long varchar;
  set t_file = xp_read_file('test.txt');
  call dba.test_http_post('newfile.txt',t_file)

How can I post a text greater than 8192 bytes in one session ?

Regards, Veselin

asked 30 Jul '13, 02:40

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Veselin Ivanov
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I'll take a guess: Perhaps you can use the CREATE PROCEDURE ... HEADER clause to set the Content-Length to the !content_length value of a new parameter called content_length. I suggest a simple hard-coded experiment to see if it works at all :)


Section 14.13 Content-Length in

(31 Jul '13, 09:48) Breck Carter

Hello Breck, I return again to the question of 8192 bytes limit. I am testing SQL Anywhere 12 web client procedure, but there is still a limitation of 8192 bytes lenght for all parameters of the procedure. Using HEADER clause to set the Content-Length I can reduse below 8192 bytes but not above. Perhaps this limitation is set in the database and I wonder whether it can be increased.

(26 Oct '14, 06:44) Veselin Ivanov
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Try posting a new question.

If you have a copy of SQL Anywhere 16, it would be interesting to know if your test works there or not.

(26 Oct '14, 10:08) Breck Carter
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