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Since i installed the EBF i'm having issues with some icons not showing up in my application. All the icons are stored as long binary. On loading the application, a random amount of icons dont show up. I checked, they're stored correctly. What i found out is that every broken icon is 65535 bytes big on reading with entity framework. Strangely that's the UInt16 max value. So i believe they somehow get truncated.

Is that a known bug, and if so, what is the solution?


asked 29 Jul '13, 07:57

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Jeff Albion

Yes, this is a known bug - see: CR #742857 and CR #743127. This fixes the cases for both LONG VARCHAR and LONG BINARY, in build

permanent link

answered 29 Jul '13, 08:48

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Jeff Albion
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Very nice,

thanks for the quick answer! :)

(29 Jul '13, 09:43) rst

in build

which is not yet available on Windows, right? (AFAIK, has just been released.)

(29 Jul '13, 09:51) Volker Barth
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Correct, the EBF is not yet available but it has been requested.

(29 Jul '13, 10:10) Jeff Albion


Clicking on the link for CR #743127 brings me to an empty bug report page. Is that the right number?

(30 Jul '13, 09:32) TonyV

I'd suspect expect the public CR definition is not yet available - in my experience, it sometimes takes a while until a specified CR is filled with meaningful contents for us (i.e. the public). The internal description will have been filled right from the start...

(30 Jul '13, 09:35) Volker Barth

The details for CR #742857 are the same details as #743127, except 'LONG BINARY' instead of 'LONG VARCHAR' in the description.

I will inquire about the visibility of CR #743127.

(30 Jul '13, 13:42) Jeff Albion
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