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I'm trying to do a query like this on a table with a DATETIME column.

SELECT * FROM table WHERE the_date = 2011-03-06T15:53:34.890-05:00

I have the following as an string input from an external source:


I need to perform a query on my database table and extract the row which contains this same date. In my database it gets stored as a DATETIME and looks like the following:

2011-03-06 15:53:34.89

I can probably manipulate the outside input slightly ( like strip off the -5:00 ). But I can't figure out how to do a simple select with the datetime column.

I found the convert function, and style 123 seems to match my needs but I can't get it to work. Here is the link to reference about style 123

asked 06 Mar '11, 21:07

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henny penny
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Mark Culp

This site is very much SQLAnywhere orientated, you'll probably do better to ask the question on one of Sybase's Enterprise newsgroups - see

SQLA and ASE are completely different products.

(07 Mar '11, 11:36) Justin Willey
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Just to add: In SQL Anywhere, you could simply cast to a DATE type, i.e. "SELECT * FROM table WHERE the_date = CAST('2011-03-06 15:53:34.123456' AS DATE)"

(08 Mar '11, 08:09) Volker Barth
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