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In particular, how come Oracle can run online forums without pro-active moderation, but SAP can't?

Question: I want to know if my posts and replies here will be immediately available for others to view, or will they be subject to a delay caused by the need for a "moderator" to approve my submission.

Answer: All posts are immediately available to all folks who are logged into this forum.

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asked 30 May '13, 09:59

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Breck Carter
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edited 30 May '13, 10:00

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This question was posted and responded to in the SCN forums (, which is the appropriate place for these types of questions/discussions.
Please don't cross-post the same question to multiple forums.

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answered 30 May '13, 13:34

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Jason Hinspe...
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OK, fine :)

(30 May '13, 15:44) Breck Carter

@Jason, while I certainly see your point, cross-posting here gives us the choice to comment/vote on these issues without having to create/use a SCN login. IMHO, that's an advantage, at least currently...

(Though comments may more appropriate on real questions, not rants, I see.)

(03 Jun '13, 16:40) Volker Barth
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@Volker... yes, indeed. This question should have been posted as an "announcement" rather than a question. The intent was to inform the community here, of a discussion taking place over there (SCN). Jason's reply, and the 4 upvotes on that reply, indicate that mistakes shall not be tolerated... a good thing! :)

Sadly, the discussion over there has taken a turn for the [ahem] vigorous. The indefensible is being defended, the crowd has been fired upon and dispersed.

A close reading of several related discussions over there indicate deep philosophical differences between this site and SCN... in particular, discussions (what we call Q&A) are held in low regard when compared with blog posts and articles on SCN.

I'm not sure whether it's a religious or a political discussion now, or a combination of both, but I will leave that to others... I just wanna help customers get answers to technical questions. That can be done here, at least for now.

(04 Jun '13, 12:02) Breck Carter
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