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I need to generate another, as the original seems to have expired.

I had assumed that the '60 day evaluation period' would apply from the time the created .msi is installed on a client machine, but that is apparently not the case.

So I need to generate another...But I can't... I'm tearing my hair out.

From my notes, I created it back in late Feb 13, and it's about 56Mb. I keep trying to regenerate a .msi today but get nothing bigger than about 300Kb, and they always bug out with error '2356'.

Previously I used a 32bit netbook, but going through the same process, I'm getting the same error every time. Also using my 64bit laptop, on which I have the full PB11.5 enterprise edition installed, and get the same problem.

What on earth is going on?

asked 28 May '13, 10:48

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Mark Culp

Just in case: I had problems with the Deployment Wizard when using that with a fresh SA EBF without having booted the box after the EBF install... so have you tried rebooting?

(28 May '13, 11:11) Volker Barth

Goodness knows whats going on, but have downloaded 11.0.1 developer edition as an act of desperation, and that has generated something worthwhile (at last) - 90Mb worth. Now I'll try again, properly specifying the options I want.

Fingers crossed.

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answered 28 May '13, 11:11

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