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I am new to using Sybase (MS SQL guy). I have installed Sybase central on of my machines and i would like to access a DB on that from a client application on a different machine from a different network. Unfortunately it is not as easy as with MS SQL as to just open a port and allowing TCP connections. I would really appreciate if one of you can point me in the right direction.

Thanks a bunch in advance!

asked 05 May '13, 10:51

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Mark Culp

What database version are you using? ... and please confirm that you are using SQL Anywhere and not ASE!

(05 May '13, 17:15) Mark Culp

Connection to a SQL Anywhere server can be quite easy, and you can connect to a server knowing its host and port if you are using a more recent version of SA (v12 and up).

If you have started your database server on host myHost like this:

dbsrvX -n myServer myDatabase.db -x tcpip{port=P}

where X is 12 or 16 and P is your choice for port number, example:

dbsrv16 -n myServer myDatabase.db -x tcpip{port=2638}

then you can connect to this server using the connection string:

-c serverName=myServer;dbn=myDatabase;host=myHost:2638

Take a look at the documentation for more information on connection strings and common connection scenarios.

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answered 05 May '13, 17:28

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Mark Culp
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Thanks Mark! I am using SQL Anywhere 12, running on a windows 2008 server. I am trying to access it from a windows machine (A test application in Visual Studio 2012 running on Windows 7 64 bit machine).

Still unable to connect the DB a t this point.

(07 May '13, 15:48) SyDev
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Without more details on how you try to connect (i.e. what's the connection string? What API are you using - ODBC/ADO/ADO.Net/JDBC/...?) it's difficult to give more advice. - E.g. can you connect via an ODBC DSN (by testing the connection in the according 32-bit/64-bit ODMC administrator)?

(07 May '13, 17:00) Volker Barth

Check for firewalls since they can get in the way. You should check the server machine and the client machine firewalls rules - Windows firewall and possibly others that might be install on the computers (e.g. McAfee & Symantec has firewall software that often stop outgoing connections).

(07 May '13, 21:54) Mark Culp
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